Maybe we’re powerless, a corner full of foreigners.
Maybe this neighborhood’s changing forever
Maybe tonight is our last night together, however!
How do you wanna face it?
Do you wanna waste it, when the end is so close you can taste it?
Y’all could cry with your head in the sand
I’m a fly this flag that I got in my hand!

(via chandraleeschwartz)

spring awakening songs: a summary

  • mama who bore me: i wanna know about sex
  • mama who bore me reprise: i wanna know about sex ft. harmonies
  • all that’s known: fuck school
  • the bitch of living: i wanna have sex
  • my junk: tfw no gf
  • touch me: orgasms
  • the word of your body: we’re 14 but i still wanna fuck
  • the dark i know well: childhood sexual abuse
  • and then there were none: i want to die
  • the mirror-blue night: i wanna be a big boy
  • i believe: frickle frackle
  • don’t do sadness/blue wind: i really really want to die
  • the guilty ones: after-sex existential crisis
  • left behind: sobbing
  • totally fucked: totally fucked.
  • the word of your body reprise: gaaaay
  • whispering: 14 and pregnant isn’t so bad i guess
  • those you’ve known: dear god don’t let another character die please
  • song of purple summer: delicious harmonies

  • Normal Teen: OMG!!! I herd it's National Coffee Day! Wanna grab a free coffee from McDonald's after school?
  • Theatre Kid: Ohmigod you guys! It's Broadway Musicals day!!! Wanna watch my bootleg copy of the Newsies final performance on Broadway?